Finally we know what the new price system of Walt Disney World looks like

adminOctober 17, 2018

Several weeks ago it was revealed that Walt Disney World would change the way it sells its tickets to the theme parks. Today, the new prices and structure came into effect. The good news is that the new structure, which asks you to buy tickets for specific dates, instead of the previous open method, has kept prices more or less the same, although tickets may be cheaper now than they were in some cases. circumstances.

Previously, if you wanted to buy Walt Disney World tickets, you simply decided how many days were worth the tickets you wanted, then added the Park Hopper option if you wanted the possibility of visiting more than one park the same day. Now, start by deciding if you want the Park Hopper option. Then select the number of days you want to visit the parks, and then, on what day you plan to start your trip.

The first thing that is important is that you will not be forced to visit the park on consecutive days. If you buy a one-day ticket, you must use it that day, but a two-day ticket can be used for a period of four days. A 10-day pass can be used for a period of 14 days, so you have some flexibility if you plan to do other things on your Florida vacation.

Tickets to Magic Kingdom were a little more expensive than a one-day ticket to the other parks under the previous system. Now, all the parks will see the same prices. This means that there has essentially been a price increase in the other parks, since a one-day ticket now exceeds $ 129, which was the maximum price of the old Magic Kingdom.

However, if you plan to visit several days and let's face it, you probably do, it's actually possible to pay a little less for your tickets than before. As an example, a 6-day pass with a Park Hopper for January 2019 (as an arbitrary date that has no personal relevance to me) would have cost $ 480 before taxes just a couple of days ago. The same ticket today goes to $ 473.31. The saving is not exactly amazing, but it's there.

If you want to maintain the freedom you used to have with Walt Disney World tickets, you can add a "Flexible Dates" option that gives your tickets the possibility to use them at any time between now and the end of 2019, although after the first Day of use, additional days must be used within 14 days. This option will cost you, however. It is an additional $ 20 per ticket for a single day ticket. It is an additional $ 82.11 for a 10 day pass.

All in all, the new structure seems to be a little better for most visitors who visit Walt Disney World for several days. The only real drawback would be if something happened after he bought the tickets and could not make his trip. However, the fine print on the Walt Disney World website says that tickets not used in full may have their price applied to the purchase of new tickets. You can also contact Walt Disney World to change the date of your tickets until midnight before the first day of your pass. There is no charge to change, although if you change the dates with more expensive tickets, you will still have to pay the difference.

This new pricing structure is designed to help guests plan their trips in advance and also give Disney Parks a better idea of ​​how many people will be in the parks on a given day. That way, Walt Disney World can be sure that everything has the right staff. This can also help guests plan trips better. Cheaper ticket prices mean potentially smaller crowds, so if you can save money, as well as hassles, by changing your next Walt Disney World vacation a few days in one direction or another, much better.

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