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    It's almost time for Evolution 2018 to start with a pre-show scheduled for 6 p.m. ET in the WWE network.

    No matter what happens later tonight, the fact that this women's event is a start is fantastic, so there's a lot of goodwill for everyone.

    Part of that exaggeration can be attributed to the infallible classics, such as Toni Storm against Io Shirai in the Mae Young Classic final and Becky Lynch against Charlotte Flair that culminates their rivalry in a Last Woman Standing match.

    However, not everything is pure sunlight, since WWE has focused on so many other things lately that the creative team dropped the ball with some of the matches on this card.

    The Riott squad against Bayley, Sasha Banks and Natalya left much to be desired, and the reserve for Battle Royal was as lazy as possible.

    Anyone can guess how things will develop on a large scale, but with some educated guesswork, at least we can try to predict who will be victorious from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

    Before the bell rings, let's observe our crystal balls and give a final round of selections for the games that will take place in Evolution 2018.

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    While the Hall of Fame, Trish Stratus and Lita fall into that category of legends that are perpetually protected from being too weak.

    With games like the Royal Rumble, they can suffer a defeat and it is not so damaging to their legacies, but in a team match like this against Alicia Fox and Mickie James, winning is a certainty.

    There was at least a chance that they would have lost if Alexa Bliss had stayed in this game, since WWE could have reserved this as a means to give La Diosa a victory over a legend to further consolidate her career.

    But now that he is out of the game due to injury, that is no longer a factor.

    Fox and James will not receive the same special treatment, since they could not even get the best of Lita and Stratus when they surprised them with a Raw attack.

    This started with the intention of seeing Bliss vs. Stratus, and without Bliss in the picture, has been reduced to simply being a showcase of how great Stratus and Lita are.

    Somewhere along the line, Stratus and Bliss will be able to get in the ring and face each other, but in the meantime, it will remain another "what if?"

    Final selection: Trish Stratus and Lita are victorious.

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    The key to choosing a winner for the Mae Young Classic 2018 tournament may not be two women competing in the final, but a woman who is not: Tegan Nox.

    It should be taken with a grain of salt, but since Nox suffered a leg injury, it was easy to speculate that he could have gone further in the tournament instead of being eliminated in the quarterfinals.

    If he had not been injured, he could very well have defeated Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai, which would have prepared her for this fight, but that did not happen.

    In a world where Nox was the plan, it means that Shirai was never supposed to get that far, so the idea of ​​her winning the tournament seems less likely to have been for Toni Storm, who would have come to the end of his side of the Support independently.

    That analysis is as good as any when choosing a winner, but to be fair, it's still a stretch and it could be argued that even if the plans change, WWE could have decided to go with the flow and give the victory to Shirai.

    This is especially true because Shirai has already positioned herself as Kairi Sane's best friend and a confrontation between the two could happen at TakeOver: WarGames with the Mae Young Classic victory beating Shirai at the Sane NXT Women's Championship.

    This is one of the most difficult decisions to make on this card, which makes it much more interesting to watch.

    Final selection: Toni Storm wins the tournament.

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    The most recent round of NXT recordings showed no indication of what will happen to the NXT Women's Championship: TakeOver: WarGames, which keeps in the dark the mystery of who will win between Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler.

    That's great, because any announcement by Sane or Baszler defending the title in November or something like that would ruin this result, but it also means that there is not much to follow until a solid prediction.

    Last year, Mae Young Classic winner, Sane, won a title shot at TakeOver: WarGames for her tournament victory, so if history repeats itself, we could see any of the four possible outcomes.

    Sane vs. Shirai has the best angle of friends. Sane vs. Storm would be a great match, just like any of the Mae Young Classic finalists against Baszler, especially since the Queen of Swords and Storm have already worked well in the past.

    There is also the question of whether Baszler is ready to move to the main list. If it is, it will not win the title again.

    But if WWE resists that, it seems reasonable to become the first female NXT champion twice to generate more momentum.

    In case of doubt, the champion has the advantage of maintaining the title and Sane also has two wins over Baszler's only victory, as well as the unbeaten Bianca Belair ready to become the best heel of the brand, so The Pirate Princess It may have a slight advantage. .

    Final selection: Kairi Sane retains the championship.

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    The Battle Royal at Evolution is a necessary monster that exists primarily to get as many women as possible on the card, instead of actually changing the game of stories.

    The good news is that you have bets with a future women's title on the line for the winner, but the bad news is that they have all been released with little or no rhyme or reason.

    It is a safe decision to eliminate legends like Ivory, Molly Holly, Torrie Wilson, etc., since it is hard to imagine that they stay long enough to build a match in Survivor Series or TLC.

    There are also some women who simply do not have the impetus to realistically push them to a title fight, such as Dana Brooke, Lana, Tamina Snuka, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose and The IIconics.

    Carmella was only a champion and had already fought with Becky Lynch, Nia Jax had her chance in Ronda Rousey and it is doubtful that Ember Moon is in a position to fight against Rousey at this stage of his career.

    Unless there's a big surprise like a NXT star using it to shoot at the NXT Women's Championship or the NXT women's title in the UK, Nikki Cross hits the main list all at once, or an external legend like AJ Lee is shocking. to the world. It's pretty much reduced to Naomi and Asuka.

    Both could face Lynch for his title if he retains it, and then it's about deciphering what WWE can do at WrestleMania with the SmackDown Women's Championship.

    Asuka vs. Lynch is much more important than Naomi vs. Lynch, so if The Lass Kicker stays in the belt until WrestleMania, it's likely to face The Empress of Tomorrow there.

    This means that Naomi could be the perfect option to win this Battle Royal, win an opportunity in Lynch for Survivor Series and be next in not to dethrone the champion.

    Final selection: Naomi wins.

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    The least important match on the card, by far, is the six-woman match between The Riott Squad and Bayley, Sasha Banks and Natalya.

    This is almost as meaningless from an exhibition as it goes and without stakes involved, nothing in the line, no story to dictate a necessary result or probably any repercussions to get out of it, the winning team could also be chosen with the flip of a coin .

    WWE has a history of making someone look strong at go-home shows before losing on pay-per-view, so since Ruby Riott stole a victory over Banks on Raw, the smart bet is to lean towards the faces for this. meeting.

    After all, this event will strongly revolve around positive vibrations and having the victory of the heels would be a disappointment.

    Of course, The Riott Squad. should win to compensate for your loss in Super Show-Down and give them more credibility, in addition to making this an event in which not everything is babyface, but it is difficult to imagine that the WWE goes in that direction.

    In the end, it really does not matter, since it will be a filler match, so, because WWE knows it's inconsequential, they probably reserve it so that the crowd can cheer up a bit more instead of booing.

    Final selection: Bayley, Banks and Natalya win.

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    The dispute between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair has been interesting, as WWE continues to push them into a narrative that fans do not want to accept.

    No matter how hard they try, the commentators constantly scold her and reserve her as if she were a heel. Lynch is simply not booed by the audience as he intended. They like it too much and throw the dynamics of this program out the window.

    That makes it difficult to know where WWE is heading, because if this were a usual enmity, the obvious result would be for Flair to reclaim her title, give Lynch a lesson and stand up as the babyface champion that the crowd adores. .

    However, putting the belt on Flair again will result in more boos, so the WWE may decide to keep it in the Scarlet Spitfire and go with the flow of the WWE Universe.

    Because this is a Last Woman Standing, there are many ways to prevent Flair from losing without making it look weak.

    Past games have seen people lose because they were covered with tape, chained and held by the team, so Lynch could incapacitate Flair in a technicality and come out with the title in that way to preserve credibility of Flair.

    Final selection: Becky Lynch retains the championship.

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    The contest for the Endless Women Championship has revolved around the idea that Nikki Bella used WWE's politics and entertainment to reach the top, while Ronda Rousey is a sensible fighter who backs her words with her fists

    From the perspective of an outsider, there is no argument against saying that Rousey is the most legitimate fighter here. His career in the UFC is proof of his absolute dominance. But within the context of WWE, the suspension of disbelief allows considerable flexibility to make this a more uniform contest.

    The Bella Twins are very popular, so instead of being crushed, they will be protected.

    However, even though Bella was the Divas champion who reigned the longest, her character has never been considered an unstoppable combat specialist, especially when it has been a heel. Even since its debut, the trademark of the Bella Twins has been cheating, rather than crawling through the competition.

    In this fight, WWE will seek to balance the fact of showing Bella as a strong competitor with a fighting spirit that Rousey underestimated, making sure that it remains the heel and not the weakest.

    She'll get the advantage here and there, especially with Brie on the side of the ring for some distractions just to illustrate how the villain is, but eventually she will not be able to capture the title when Rousey proves she's still the most evil woman on the planet.

    Maintaining the championship maximizes Rousey's potential for media coverage and follows the logical flow of it being the top priority and something new, as well as the most active regular list member.

    It's not primarily about making Bella look like a teacher between the ropes. These are two of the most popular names in the women's division that are in the tent.

    At the end of this, Rousey's credibility will remain intact as champion, Bella will still look good even in her loss, and they will have a new mutual respect that will lead them to embrace him to send everyone home happily. conclude the show.

    Final selection: Ronda Rousey retains the championship.

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