Filtering Spider-Man 2: Far from home with the new mutants of Marvel Studios?

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It reveals one Filtering Spider-Man 2: Far from home with New mutants from Marvel Studios possibly introduced for the first time in the universe of Avengers

Each time the production of one New movie from Marvel Studios, the company directed by kevin cowardly tries to keep with the most absolute secrecy even the smallest details of it. But much effort that a media giant like the Emporium formed by Disney, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilms put into their secrets, the branches of the industry are so numerous that it becomes inevitable that some crumbs end up filtering in the process. Especially in what Greeting merchandising of Marvel and Lego movies is involved in one way or another.

The source of leaks of Avengers saga since the time Captain America set: The Civil War with Ant Man in Family Size, the New Spider-Man movie that Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jake Gyllenhaal are currently shooting under Jon Watts, have not been different, and the shown Lego set could confirm not only the presence of two New villains in Spider-Man 2: Away from home, but also what CBS I reckoned these days about the 20th-century Fox and Disney deal and how this would affect the return of X-Men to Marvel Studios.

If you don't want to know anything about the movie that will premiere Just after Avengers 4: Endgame, very careful because the following lines include Spider-Man 2 SPOILERS: Far from home which can directly affect the last part of Battle of the Avengers against Thanos. If, on the contrary, you are one of those who risk it and decide to continue, add it by appointment purchase of 20th Century Fox by Disney, the latter is currently protecting the details of the deal, through the various branches that make up the company most absorbed.

Something that may seem simple from the outside, but inside has a large paperwork where Disney has been dumped for more than two months, and that, according to the information provided by CBS, it will be expanded (assuming nothing is complicated) until the end of January . It then becomes when Disney stops being the owner of Hulu, Avatar, The Simpsons, Die Hard, Alien or Planet of the Apes, but also when the rights of the X-Men return to Marvel.

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But one thing is when the rights come back, and another when we see interaction with signs of X-Men and Avengers Together, because at the moment everything is pointing to Kevin Feige (chosen by Disney to take care of the management of super-hero movies from X-Men as well as Marvel Studios) will keep the lines of both companies as they were. Currently, all of the Marvel Studios projects by Avengers 4: Endgame are defined as they were before the deal was formalized, and the X-Men film producer Simon Kinberg continues to maintain plans that end up being developed under the Marvel umbrella.

But the interesting thing comes when we discover with the latest leaks of Marvel Studios arrivals from Lego merchandising that among the Villains of Spider-Man 2: Far from CasWe don't just want Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio, but also Hidro Man and The floating man, two of the most dangerous villains in the trepurs, at least as far as possible. But the interesting thing about this choice is not just that there are more in the same movie, but that they have chosen two Marvel watchers with full biological nature.

Filtering Spider-Man 2: Far from home with the new mutants of Marvel Studios?

Above all, when so far most villains from Marvel Studios which was not related to other worlds was of a completely technological nature, as is the case with Obadiah Stane, Whiplash, Hydra, Mandarin, Yellowjacket, Ultron, The Grub, Shocker, The Tinker, Klaw, Killmonger or Phantom. Suddenly, the band right after Avengers 4: Endgame has begun to introduce villains with biological forces similar to the mutations on X-Men or genetic changes of the Fantastic Four, which has given many good ideas, one of which What spreads is what points to the end of battle between Avengers and Thanos will give rise to an interdimensional gap, which, as happened at the end of the Avengers Vs X-Men saga, will allow many people on Earth to begin to develop forces in an exponential manner.

According to these theories, this will be the first step Introduction of X-Men in Avengers, in a way that sounds so coherent that it would be strange if there wasn't even what Feige has in mind. To discover whether this is the case or not, there will still be a five-month wait for the premiere of Avengers 4: Endgame, but what seems to be officially one hundred percent is that Mystery will not be the only one of Villains of Spider-Man 2: Far from homeand that trempamuros interpreted by Tom Holland must face a new universe of metahumans, where different individuals will begin to develop forces that will make their own pale. Will he be prepared now that there is no trace of his mentor following the events of Endgame?

Filtering Spider-Man 2: Far from home with the new mutants of Marvel Studios?

Filtering off Spider-Man 2: Away from Home With the new mutants of Marvel Studios may be the big surprise of the scene after the Avengers 4: Endgame.

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