Filter the shocking match between Whis and Broly

adminDecember 30, 2018

Movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; is pure feeling. The powerful angel Whis came face to face with the legendary Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; have already hit theaters in Japan, so spoilers are on the Internet. Although Toei Animation, on the other hand, has really revealed the most important details of the movie through official followers, such as the look of Gogeta.

Well, via YouTube, the user managed Qate Gaming to filter the time when Whis was in battle with Broly. What do you think he won? Well, really the universe's angel 7 is extremely fast, so he dodged all the hits without problems.

When Whis was the corner, Gogeta intervened to continue his last battle. Remember that Dragon Ball Super showed that Whis race is even better in power for God's destruction, but avoid fighting at all costs.

There has never been seen any angel really fighting, closest to this scene was the training of Goku and Vegeta on the planet where Bill's lives, God's destruction of the universe 7. So this scene is one of the most offerings of all anime.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; will be released in theaters in Latin America January 10, 2019. Goku and Vegeta will meet the mighty Broly and engage in outstanding combat. All of the continent's features appear in Latin and English. The same actors participating in anime copying will be part of this movie.


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