Filmmakers respond to the closure of FilmStruck

adminOctober 27, 2018

In another example of corporate greed that ruins something really big, WarnerMedia announced on Friday that it was closing FilmStruck, and several filmmakers went to social networks to express their dissatisfaction with the decision. An unfortunate victim of the merger between Time Warner and AT & T, the astonishingly curated service and repository of the classic, foreign, indie and Criterion movie collection will come to an end in late November, and in an effort to unload their frustrations and express their disappointment. In the decision, several acclaimed filmmakers took social networks.

Rian Johnson, Guillermo del Toro and Barry Jenkins were some of the most important names in the film to share their thoughts on the closing of FilmStruck on Friday. The messages spread from anger (Jenkins' first tweet simply said "F***") to remember with nostalgia a more positive determination that FilmStruck will come back one way or another. It remains to be seen whether that happens or not, but with WarnerMedia trying to consolidate its digital offerings under its own planned broadcasting service, there is at least a small chance that the company's huge library of films will be available in one form or another.

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Regardless of whether or not the Warner catalog remains in the digital broadcast space, it is unlikely that such films will be presented in such a thoughtful and elegant way as they were in FilmStruck. The service was more than a way of watching movies; It was a unique experience in itself, something that Jenkins, Johnson and del Toro seem to have very much in mind in their tweets. Check them out below:

Jenkins and del Toro collaborated with FilmStruck for their segments of "Adventures in the cinema", in which the filmmakers discussed certain films that inspired them or those that felt strongly in some way or another. In his second tweet, the Moonlight The director shared an anecdote of his time with the FilmStruck team, which makes it even more difficult to accept that the service will be closed in about a month.

It is interesting that in the statement about the closure of the service, Warner Digital Media described FilmStruck as "Largely a niche service" Less than a month after launching DC Universe, the digital service of the DC brand aimed at a single audience. If that means that AT & T will keep an eye on that incipient service it remains to be seen, but it will be interesting to see if the superhero streamer can live alone or if it will also be a victim of portfolio consolidation. However, as Johnson said, FilmStruck was "too good to last". Unfortunately, those words have proven true.

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FilmStruck The operation will cease on November 29, 2018.

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