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adminJanuary 8, 2019

Filiz Akın was operated on December 23, 2018 due to ear infection. Because of the risk of developing facial paralysis and meningitis, Saantian said after surgery:
"The right ear infection did not heal for three months, even though I had been in sera for three months. I underwent emergency response on December 23. I had a very technical and complicated operation in six hours. could lead to paralysis and meningitis. "

Filiz Akın, who was released after being hospitalized for a while, shared a video from his social media account and announced that his health had improved: many months ago he was happy to be at home using hospitals, serum and operations . A little jerk, a little good night. This week, the metal punches on my head were torn out one by one. Since I was able to start pneumonia, oxygen was given and serum was inserted. As a result of the hearing of a few doctors who came to the exam where I slept, formulas were found to improve quickly. I would like to thank all the valuable doctors and friendly staff for such care and dedication. "

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