Fernando Colunga surprises in networks with change of appearance

adminDecember 27, 2018

The Mexican actress, Fernando ColungaKnown for being one of the most outstanding soap operas for the past 20 years, it has surprised all its fans with a surprise change of see.

through Instagram one was revealed photography by the actor where he suspects a possible cosmetic surgery to improve his appearance face. A few weeks ago, the driver Cynthia Uriah shared in the social network a picture that continues to give of what to talk about.

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The protagonist of international telecoms as "María la del barrio" and "The Usurper" He was in the photograph next to the manufacturer Carla Estrada and uria itself.

What caught the attention was not the encounter with these characters, but the Colunga face. Even if the actor has 52 years old, he has hardly any expressions on his face.

His forehead looks completely smooth and there are hardly any small wrinkles around his eyes.

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