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adminDecember 30, 2018

Neither breast full of silicone nor alpha men: generally more realistic, are the sexual scenes between the main characters, of different kinds, solely based on consent.

The first steps in this chain date back to the 1980s in the United States. But now she takes a fresh look at the sheer number of cheap videos that are on the internet and the debate they are traveling because of the influence they can have on sexuality, especially among young people.

"Feminist porn is part of a kind of fight against misogyny in the same field and with the same weapon as the regular X." Redistribution of pornographic medium proclaims: We will not leave this only in men's hands, says French filmmaker and ex-actor Ovidie, 38, who recently attended a festival specializing in the industry in Berlin.

Traditional adult films "always follow the same type of choreography with almost always the same roles for each genre: men always dominate women," adds Ovidie, who leads the movement in France.

In their "Sex Stories (s)" or "X-Girl vs. Supermacho", women are no longer referred to the status of objects. On the contrary, they decide how things happen.

Feminist, not feminine

To be "feminist" and not "feminine", a term criticized by these militants because it would designate a specific sexuality of women, these productions must meet several requirements.

In addition to the representation of "all sex" desires, including men, "only reduced to their penis in traditional pornography," the protagonists must have "varied physics and cultures," according to German linguistic and motion expert Laura Meritt.

In these productions, an educational, compulsory and ethical approach to education is provided, offering "consensus-based work relationships, where anyone can decide whether certain routines are performed," he says.

American filmmaker Jennifer Lyon Bell, who graduated from Harvard 49 years ago, released the production company Blue Artichoke Films in 2004, specializing in producing films "depicting sexuality in an emotionally realistic way."

In addition, the director defends "pro-sex feminism" that has emerged in the United States for nearly four decades, according to which sexuality is the terrain where women must win their liberation.

Another current feminist, abolition, condemns the commercialization and commitment of the sex industry.

"It has few relationships with the ordinary industry. Festivals and income forms are different, they are circles that rarely cross," responds Lucie Blush, a 30-year-old French filmmaker.

For the industry, which does not consider "these productions as competitors", the market is still not profitable because "women hardly decide to watch X-censored movies," said Grégory Dorcel, leader of Marc Dorcel, one of world-class leaders X.

Public subsidies

Would this chain have real commercial potential against mass production? Since 2006, festivals dedicated to this genre have been performed worldwide. The largest in Europe, which takes place in Berlin, attracted 10,000 visitors this year.

But these "ethical" pornographic productions are still "a fall in the ocean of online pornography," said Camille Emmanuelle, a journalist and author specializing in sexuality issues.

In the absence of broadcasters, the model is based on a subscription system, although "people, and especially young people, are used to free porn."

In this context, some public authorities have begun to support the sector. Swedish Film Institute in 2009 pioneers a series of 12 short films by feminists and produced by Mia Engberg.

In Germany, the Social Democrats in Berlin, who co-sponsored the city, even suggested that these productions serve as educational support for young people.

"It would be wonderful about this alternative pornography, which shows sex differently, could be easily accessible and free, like classic X movies," says Ferike Thom, director of the Berlin SPD and author of the proposal.

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