Felix van Deventer in the jungle ring 2019: "Big" in the toilet, he can only at home

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Felix van Deventer is so far only known from GZSZ. As a candidate in the jungle era 2019, he looks forward to a larger audience and wants to show his true confidence.

Update January 9, 2019: Roaches and spiders do nothing for GZSZ star Felix van Deventer. He betrayed RTL's vulnerability – and it could make his life in the jungle very hard. The actor is most likely to miss his loo: "I'm a homebred and can't grow anywhere else." It can obviously cause problems.

When hungry, GZSZ star becomes a pee

Update January 8, 2019: He is known from "Good Times Bad Times", under the role of Jonas. In the jungle ring, the 22-year-old wants to show the true Felix and what makes him – unlike "Jonas", his character from GZSZ. But what can you expect from Felix van Deventer?

It can be quite impulsive, because if he doesn't like one then it's hungry. – If I haven't eaten there for days, I'll probably be kidding, Felix says about himself. It sounds promising, because what is guaranteed in the jungle ring – as it is every year – is hungry! It can sometimes be more, sometimes less, but rarely are the candidates busy. It can be very fun. But he will not eat his other campers if they do not succeed in the jungle exam. Nevertheless, his hunger problem can lead to pepper in the camp.

Felix van Deventer: With GZSZ soap soap – jungle jungle jungle?

On January 11, RTL announces: "I'm a star – get me out of here!". In the 13th season of the jungle ring, twelve celebrate themselves in the Australian jungle again.

This is high according to picture also an actor from the German soap opera "Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten" (GZSZ): Felix van Deventer (22). Because if something lacks the next plump millionaires, bosom wonders and pop singers, then there is a young soap star that melts the girls' hearts.

If you are not familiar with GZSZ, you should be familiar with the name Felix van Deventer can't do much. Although you wonder almost all the candidates in the jungle, why does he hide "celebrity", but the actor has two simple reasons: Since June 25, 2014, the Indian plays in Hamburg Role of Jonas Seefeld in Germany's most successful Soap GZSZ,

For more than 26 years, in the soap opera, RTL shows the chaos of love, drama and other everyday problems in the neighborhood. Add the young age to Felix van Deventer, who has not given him much time to make a name for himself over the soap bar. The Jungle Camp in 2019 is likely to rectify it, but if he departs early in 2019 in the Australian Jungle.

Felix van Deventer as Jonas Seefeld with Sophie (Lea Marlen Woitack) at GZSZ.

© MG RTL D / Rolf Baumgartner

Before Felix van Deventer made it to GZSZ, according to Hamburger Morgenpost, he attended drama workshops and was on Hamburger "Stage School" promoted to act, sing and dance. There one of the teachers discovered him. For the role of Jonas Seefeld at GZSZ he interrupted the school himself.

In RTL's soap opera, Felix van Deventer has played the role of a sympathetic bigmouth who wants to make a career as a DJ for over four years now (since 5544). Jonas Seefeld, who lived after his parents' separation with his father in Munich, moved to Berlin to visit his mother and two sisters. For all those who do not know, it should be noted at this point: GZSZ plays in a fictional Berlin neighborhood.

In the Daily Soap he not only experiences less successful work, but also a sense of chaos in the cause of love. The lively bundle of energy after the separation from Kitty likes to get in trouble, of which girlfriend Selma helps him out but actually raves for the wild DJ. Success in love as well as in work looks different.

Jungle camp candidate Felix van Deventer outside the GZSZ cosmos

Compared to Jonas Seefeld from GZSZ, it is better for actor Felix van Deventer. In addition to his career in the successful soap of RTL is the blonde swarm of girls happy in love, As inTouch reports, the soap star is happy after an on-off relationship with Hamburg-based Vivien Radigk with Podsdamerin Antje happy and shows this on his Instagram account.

Far from the relationship and GZSZ, the humorous Felix van Deventer is active in sports and likes to spend the holidays by the sea and in nature. If he wants to take advantage of the Jungle Camp in early 2019?

How will GZSZ star Felix van Deventer beat the jungle ring in 2019?

In "I'm a Star – Get Me Out Here!" Found again and again a colorful mix of celebrities. Even in the 13th season should not be otherwise, if the image with the information is correct. Felix van Deventer will then be like youngest candidate At the age of 22, the "camp" was on the RTL show. Thus, the clear lace between protz millionaire Bastian Yotta (42) and experienced reality television candidates such as Domenico de Cicco (35, including Bachelor in Paradise) must prove in the jungle.

It will be interesting for the young girl swarm also between erotic star Sibylle smoke (58) and breast wonder and sex expert Leila Lowfire (25). Will it please his girlfriend?

Perhaps the actor will also defeat other candidates as far as the jungle. his GZSZ colleague Jörn Schlönvoigt (32) succeeded in 2015 after all Second place jungle show.

Jungle Camp 2019: These are all celebrity candidates

Bastian Yotta

Champion Millionaire, "Adam Seeks Eve", "The Yottas! Full Gas Through America"

Tommy Piper

Speaker of "Alf", voice actor, singer, actor

Chris Töpperwien

"Currywurst King" in the Vox broadcast "Goodbye Deutschland! Emigrants"

Domenico de Cicco

Reality TV candidate ("Bachelor in Paradise", "Bachelorette")

Evelyn Burdecki

Reality TV candidate ("Bachelor in Paradise", "Celebrity Big Brother", "Bachelor")

Gisele Oppermann

"Howling candidate" on "Germany's next top model"

Sibyl smoke

Actress and erotic star ("Ice on style", porn movies)

Doreen Dietel

Actress ("Girl, Girl 2", "Dahoam's Dahoam")


Bob Olympic Champion (2006 gold in Torino)

Felix van Deventer

Actor (GZSZ)

Peter Orloff


Leila Lowfire

Breast miracle and sex expert

Tobias Wegener (replacement for Bastian Yotta)

Reality TV competitor ("Love Island")

Jungle Camp 2019: Important information about the 13th season of the RTL show

The 13th season off "I'm a star – get me out of here!" starts at January 11, 2019 at RTL, We have summarized mailing dates for you.

They also read about the 2019 jungle camp candidates and their fees to attend the RTL show.


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