"Feel like arrogance": Megan's father surrenders to Prince Harry

adminJanuary 7, 2019

London – Since marrying Prince Harry in May, Thomas Markle, Dowager Meghan's father, lost contact with his daughter. Eventually, all attempts have apparently not tried to cat the broken relationship, the sound is now coarser: In an interview, the 74-year-old said he would not stop talking to the public about the royal couple.

"I don't want to go to a monk in a monastery and a promise of silence," Markle said in conversation with the British tabloid "Sun."He will continue to talk about Harry and Meghan, and if they continue to ignore him, he will" probably even higher. "The silence of the two would freak hate comments to him and his family on Twitter.

He still hopes for a first meeting with the prince. But right now, Markle has just one thing to say: "Get together and get away (over our differences, Note of the Red."), 74-year-old. Harry is a normal person, like "everyone else" and has no right to talk "down" with others, continued Markle. "I can't accept it. I feel like arrogance."

Even his last attempt, where he had appealed to Queen Elizabeth II to settle the dispute, was not well received in the British royal family. According to the British newspaper "Mirror"Be the queen" angry and already exhausted. "Markle had gone a step too far when he wanted to pull the head of the British royal house in his side. (TT.com)

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