Feared by an anecdote, JoeyStarr violently reflects Nagui in The Soundtrack (VIDEO)

adminNovember 27, 2018

For the campaign of the second season of The thirsty road At Viceland, JoeyStarr was invited from Nagui i The soundtrack. Rum was in the heart of his documentary program, the rapper was reminded of an anecdote about who returns to his taratata. A past story, out of nowhere, and obviously taken as an attack by the former NTM rapper.

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"You have good alcohol in your doc while you are in life, you are not particularly happy. I remember a scene we were a little shocked, with a girl working on Taratata (…) In fact, your team had removed your room in the box " recontextualized Nagui before they are interrupted Joey Starr : "But why do you say that go! "

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Visibly marked by this story, Nagui but continued his explanation: "Not because you were very upset for not having your room and you took a lot of ". The term too much for the rapper: "Oh no, I think you're talking to. I can get tired of many things, but hey, I do not force people. It's my problem, I think I had to be very pissed off for something else in my opinion " then defended Kool Shens side kick.

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But the host does not stop: "Your team was not cool because the poor girl was accused of " condemned the animator cut off, definitely, in his explanation: "Am it me or those who are not cool? I think you're talking nap. I the day you told me crazy while we were on a teleton, I did not send my hand to my mouth, as you see, I have fun alcohol. A small settlement of male accounts before the performance continues normally.

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