Fayfi Abdous dress at the Cairo Film Festival again raises controversy … this is his price

adminNovember 26, 2018

The Egyptian artist Vivi Abdo showed the attention of the red carpet at the opening ceremony of the Cairo Film Festival on deserved anniversary.

She had a tight dress on the back, and a wide part in the lower part, in golden color. And caused a stir after publishing an image on her account on "Instagram".

Online Market pointed out that the price is over $ 1200.

The star has achieved more than 50 thousand admiration through this view. She has recently asked her followers to communicate with her on her official Facebook page after spreading fake pages that bear her name.

She wrote: "I'm very sorry, group, but I've written all the pages and sentences in my name on Facebook and follow me and know my news from here on my official page."

She added: "I'm really a malish who has nothing with my grandparents and I do not want to write to me here on my official page because everything is new to my side and another page that Rita reports about is because I was in a group that worked in my name and there is no need to go down on it. "

She concluded: "I'm not a fan of the girls, and unfortunately I discovered the time. I am very grateful to all my loved ones and admirers and the love of God in all those who think of my soul after the work of the year, I love you, Oi, five AMWA. "

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