Fátima Lopes talks about "good sex" – The Television

adminJanuary 11, 2019

First dates gave the motto of the conversation by Fátima Lopes and Ruben Rua with Maria Cerqueira Gomes and Manuel Luís Goucha on You on TV. In a conversation without taboos, they talked about sex and their preferences. Fatima Lopes was quite brave in her responses.

With different preferences regarding the time of year when they prefer to have sex, Maria Cerqueira Gomes defends that "sex is in the summer. In the winter I do not think any joke." Opposite views his colleague Manuel Luís Goucha said "I cannot stand sex in the heat, only if it is on top of an air conditioner "

In a fun and even bold conversation, Fatima Lopes was the one who stood the most out of the approach to the topic. About what is "good sex" said the host on the evening program "is the one that makes us want more."

Confess that for love it is possible to face prejudice, the president defends that the best kisses are "the one who lights the bells".

During the conversation, Fátima Lopes also praised his companion for TVI's afternoon program.

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