"Farmer, single, looking for …": The end is approaching

adminJanuary 10, 2019

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The 14th season of "Farmer, single, seeking …" is in the air. The farmers face the adventure in their lives. Tonight from 8.15 pm the TV channel shows 3 + 26 episode of 14th season.

This year's season by Bauer, single, seeker … slowly comes to an end. Cult-maker Sepp (74) is doing well at the end of the anniversary season in Lisbon. Together with his partner Claudia (62) he asks in a tuk-tuk the Portuguese capital. The Ziegenbauer Urns are impressed by the sights of the port city. And Claudia is happy that her farmer finds so much service with foreign cultures. Where should the two be next?

Meanwhile, the farmer Martin (50) in the canton of Lucerne gives his court lady Marlies a look at her old photo album. His lady-in-waiting is not astonished at the children's and youth pictures of her handsome peasant. Schalk's blonde looks particularly good in his eyes: "His eyes and his vicious smile continue to come back to me." In Liechtenstein, the second day of Hofweek is day. Along with his lady-in-waiting Kathrin (48), the farmer Casimir (46) produces symbolically a quintet and compares the pear-shaped fruit with his lady in anticipation. If this compliment comes to Kathrin?

Appenzeller Amor, Marco Fritsche, receives an unexpected call from Bauer Christian today (34). In the summer, the St Gallen farmer got to know and loved the nurse Michaela (30). Why did he call Marco – is St. Gallen up to something? The medieval fan of Patrik (32) introduces his lady of the heart Nuria (22) into the world of knights and jesters. Together they stroll through the medieval market, let their hand read and take a look at the future of their relationship. Meanwhile, Marco makes a detour to Bern's canton to horse therapist Pia (49). As it turns out, he is not the only visitor to her farm.

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