"Farmer looking for a wife": Schäfer Heinrich in fear of his "family" region

adminDecember 29, 2018

"Farmer looking for a wife": Schäfer Heinrich in fear of his "family"

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He is the cult candidate on "Farmer is looking for a wife": Shepherd HeinrichBut now the 51-year-old is in great need of existence. He may even have to sell a large part of his beloved sheep.

The reason: The roaring heat in the summer of 2018. As the picture (paid content) reported, it had Shepherd Heinrich to feed all year feed stock for its 370 sheep in the summer.

Is Schäfer Heinrich aware of the economic collapse?

A big problem too Shepherd Heinrich, The cost of the farm near Soest exceeds its income significantly. Bauer Heinrich faces financial ruin?

Opposite image says Shepherd Heinrich: "Feeding to the sheep when just by hand in the mouth. I hardly have any cash left. That's why a management consultant wants to finish my farm, now to help me so that I can finally make money."


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Shepherd Heinrich must sell his sheep

The most painful incision for Shepherd Heinrich: He had at least half his flock of sheep.

"My sheep are my family. They are like brothers and sisters. And you don't put it that easy in front of the door. But it just can't be otherwise. My garden and my flock should shrink," Heinrich said.

Normally could Shepherd Heinrich Continues to bridge their financial problems with the sale of lamb in the winter. However, the prices are paid by the slaughterhouses in the basement.

Schäfer Heinrich returns to TV in March

But not just sheep must Shepherd Heinrich separately. Also three tractors will be for sale soon.

Good luck to you Shepherd Heinrich: His TV engagement also throws some money. So his contract for the Sat1 program "Celebrities Private – my (almost) perfect life" was expanded. The episodes will be available from March.

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