"Farmer looking for a wife": drama about shepherd Heinrich: bitter separation!

adminDecember 28, 2018

Shepherd Heinrich is about to be destroyed. A business consultant will help the farmer save his farm. But Henry has trouble separating from his beloved sheep.

Heinrich Gersmeier (51), known from the coup d'etat "Bauer sucht Frau", cannot really enjoy the holiday this year. For Schäfer Heinrich it looks economical, but good. The farmer meets unpleasant austerity measures if he wants to keep his farm.

Half of the sheep must go

According to "Bild.de", the most important point in the refurbishment is that the shepherd Heinrich differs from half of the sheep. A terrible idea for the farmer. "My sheep are my family. They are like brothers and sisters. And you don't put it that easy in front of the door. But it just can't be otherwise. My garden and my flock should shrink," Heinrich said.

The shepherd is in the red. "I have hardly any cash left," the cult candidate said. That's why a management consultant wants to completely change my farm, to help me, so that I can finally make money. "

With Henry, love never really worked like that, but Anna and Gerald found their happiness. Will it soon be new blood? We will show you which image causes the touch:

What would my mother say?

Heinrich has so far had a difficult time changing working methods, because everything reminded him of his late mother Johanna. It would probably be "in the grave". The Adviser should help the sheep keeper to focus on the business free of emotion. "He says that it's not like my mother, who died in 2011, that I should go for her. It was obviously clear to me," says Heinrich, understanding.

From January, a camera frame follows him in the fight for his home and his sheep. According to "Bild.de", the result of the restructuring will be available from March in the program "Celebrities Private – my (almost) perfect life".

How Daniela Büchner celebrated his first Christmas without a husband Jens Büchner († 49) you've seen in the video:

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