"Farmer is looking for a wife": offspring of Anna and Gerald? Now she confesses

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Is Anna Pregnant? Fans have found a spicy indication.

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Anna and Gerald, "the farmer looking for a wife" couple, enjoy their marriage in Namibia. Are there any children coming to the farm soon?

Namibia – Since Gerald Heiser (31) from remote Namibia got to know his great love Anna (27) in the RTL coup show "Bauer sucht Frau" in 2017, much has happened. First, they introduced one heartbreaking long distance relationship and a few months later the knot was closed. Meanwhile, it was a difficult time when Bauer Gerald was diagnosed with severe neuropathy and Ana followed her love for Africa. On Instagram, the drunk couple follows 50,000 fans to pursue the happiness of the two emigrants. An attentive fan wants to have discovered something in an Instagram story by Anna now.

"Bauer sucht Frau": Anna and Gerald are the audience's dream couple

Since 2005, "Bauer sucht Frau" with Inka Bause (50) has given much romance on RTL. Inca goes with the farmers looking for the perfect partner. Along with millions of spectators. On average, there are about 5 million fans who are each episode in the search for a possible farmer's wife. So far, 25 couples have found the "Bauer sucht Frau" and over a dozen of them have already given the yes word.

Then of course Anna and Gerald. Despite one 12,000 kilometers long distance relationship After Namibia and a serious illness, they sailed against all odds and married in the summer of 2018. Then twice! First in Poland with Anna's family and then in Namibia. The perfect happy ending to this romantic love story. What can be more beautiful? Maybe a pregnancy and a baby?

The wedding had something of Hollywood. The perfect, happy ending. Therefore, the RTL showed the marriage of probably the most famous "Bauer sucht Frau" couple recently on TV and on TV NOW. But only half a year later, this highlight could already be Exceeded again, At least when it comes to one of Anna's followers. According to him, the peasant family in Namibia could soon greet a new member.

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In a comment he writes: "Anna, are you pregnant? Had something in your short history seen. And your dress definitely hides something. Just my guess. "Fans had recently speculated about a separation of the two, and Gerald had left his Anna alone in the wilderness.

"Bauer sucht Frau" fans have a guess: is Anna pregnant?

Did this tab discover anything that would probably want all "Bauer sucht Frau" lovers for their couples? Fewyoung family actually coming off? Anna's reaction leaves room for speculation. The farmer's wife speaks quite openly: "No, it's only increased the most." The answer may seem honest and funny, because at least there is nothing unusual at Christmas time. But the keen observer does not give up Instagram and hooks up: "Just think, because it was the baby wagon and baby jacket pink etc."

The short story is already gone after 24 hours from Instagram, so the rest of the fans guess the user Don't check could. But Anna didn't comment. The pregnancy speculation will continue. And maybe it will soon be the next happy ending for the drunkard "Farmer seeking wife".

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