Farmer Gottfried & Martina touched: tears yes!

adminDecember 27, 2018

They finally said yes! 2018 was probably the farmer looking for wedding anniversary couples: six marriages were closed between couples who know each other in the sympathetic dome format and learn to love. By the end of last year, the turtle dogs from the 2014 season, Gottfried and Martina, announced this step: Now they have actually listed the wedding party – and became very emotional!

For RTL special for farmers' broadcasts This year's most beautiful wedding The lovers shared their most beautiful day of life with millions of people. In a white medium-length dress, Martina walked in front of the bridegroom – who at first glance tolerates emotions at sight: "You look so beautiful, I think we can marry, because we are both so pretty," he whispered to his loved one before civil ceremony. Well, the two said the words very easily over their lips. Gottfried then released his feelings of happiness: "I'm now at the end of what I wanted, and we've both achieved it, and I think it's very good!"

In 2014, Gottfried and Martina immediately launched the stall party at the first glance. With love for one another they found their two joie de vivre: Both Gottfried and Martina lost their partner before. "The time after my husband's death was a difficult time, but here on the farm I found myself laughing again," Martina discovered during the court case.

Gottfried and Martina on MG RTL DPhotos Gallery Button
Gottfried and Martina on "Bauer sucht Frau"
Gottfried and Martina, RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Gottfried and Martina, "Bauer sucht Frau" par
Gottfried and Martina on MG RTL D

Gottfried and Martina on "Bauer sucht Frau"

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