Farándula: With pictures, the Colombian model condemns turning off her husband

adminDecember 28, 2018

It's about paisa Sara Saldarriaga. Colombian model condemns turning off her husband.

The complaint was made through News One.

There she said that everything happened after she discovered her husband's infidelity.

"I found my husband in bed with another woman and to get her out of the house, he attacked me," he said.

However, this was not the first time that the model had an aggression in the subject.

According to Sara, they experienced several moments of lack of control.

"From lying to the floor, from meeting, from hitting the walls, from running around the house and saying he would die." He always let me believe I was crazy, that he made me worse, that he had made me a story for myself. "

He added: "I experienced all kinds of violence, financial abuse, that I have considered social networks and cell."

But what happened after discovering the adultery caused Sara to open her eyes and want to condemn.

"The first signs I didn't see them that way, but I said I was very full after I had a lot of anger."

The whole story of Sara can be seen in the following video, with pictures of the attacks received:

Colombian model condemns beats

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