Farándula: Ricardo Quevedo is sent against the trailer who offended him

adminDecember 26, 2018

He made it through his profile on Twitter. Ricardo Quevedo sends counterparts who offended him.

Everything happened after Ricardo published a photo in this social network showing how matches are with his partner, Liss Pereira.

Apparently this has not been a companion who replied as follows:

"Bad gut … you're a brag … … and fame has risen to your head … what a person's garbage you are."

Ricardo Quevedo sends a cross

Quevedo, however, was not silent and reacted with a trundle where the tweens had written to a woman in a vulgar manner.

"What a person's trash you are … hahahaha Merry Christmas," wrote Quevedo, although he later deleted the trill.

The answer was applauded by several of his followers.

It should be remembered that comedians a few weeks ago became father.

The little one is the result of his relationship with comedian Liss Pereira.

"We thank you all for the great love and messages that ask for @ lisspereira, I will tell you that everything is very good, our baby was born a few days ago, people who know us know that we value our family life very much , that we will not put many pictures of our baby (most will remain for Grandma's album, "he said in a message on Instagram.

He added: "We will live this amazing adventure like this, keep our hands to support us and make sure we will live beautiful, difficult, weird, unforgettable moments … But always together and with a lot of love".

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