Farándula: Nude of Malaya Restrepo steals his eyes on networks

adminDecember 29, 2018

How God Took Her to the World! The naked of Malaya Restrepo steals the eyes of the network.

The photo was published by Tatán Mejía, her husband, on her Instagram account.

In the picture, Malaya is on his back, even though he looks at the camera, without any clothes.

Next to the photo, the performer published the following message: "My vision today".

Of course, the comments about the photo were immediately:

Maleja Restrepo naked

"May Malaya also shows us the view of her", "How lucky is she … Congratulations, can it be forever," "That means last night was love", "Brother should feel proud of that woman" and "Of the best views that can be had when you wake up" were some of them.

During this year, Malaya became a mother for the second time.

She gave birth to little Macarena, who has already completed her first year.

"Now at home I want to thank for my entire process during pregnancy, we were a little ahead of us, but thank God everything went perfectly," wrote Malaya after the baby was born.

He added, "Now I really don't understand where I had this little woman, she was born bigger than Lupe, I think I've already stretched a lot, now I'm going to keep giving my head and chatting."

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