FARANDULA: Documents details Kevin Spacey's meeting with teenager

adminDecember 28, 2018

Document Details Kevin Spacey meets with teenager

A Massachusetts man who said he was caught by Kevin Spacey at a restaurant in Nantucket in 2016, caught part of his meeting with the actor on video, according to court documents.

The man, when an 18-year-old teenager, sent a video to his girlfriend via Snapchat, where Spacey apparently appears to touch the front of his pants, says a state police report filed in the Nantucket District Court and retrieved by the Cape Cod Times newspaper.

Spacey's lawyers said in a hearing last week that the video shows a person who touches the shirt of others, not someone gets groped, according to the Boston Globe, who received a sound recording of the hearing.

Spacey, 59, must appear on January 7 to respond to a default agency.

The case came to light in November 2017 when Boston news anchor Heather Unruh announced that Spacey had fiddled with his son.

In an effort to get a court consultant not to find enough evidence to prosecute Spacey, lawyer Alan Jackson, based in Los Angeles, discovered that Unruh's son did not report the incident to the police immediately, lied about his age until he said he was 23 years old and said he was so full that he might have failed shortly after Spacey apparently fought him.

Jackson also said that Unruh's son made no effort to get away from Spacey.

Unruh told a press conference last week that his son did not go to the authorities before due to fear and shame.

The alleged victim told the police that it was difficult for him to leave because the restaurant was packed with people.

The young man worked there as a waiter, but he was free at that time.

Neither Spacey nor his lawyers have settled on the accusation, but Spacey made a video on Monday where he said, and spoke in Frank Underwood's voice, his character in Netflix & # 39; House of Cards & # 39; that "I certainly won't to pay the price of something I did not. "

It was not clear whether he referred to the criminal case. Spacey could spend five years in jail if he was sentenced.

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