Farándula: Daughter of Felipe Arias is sensational in networking for her beauty

adminDecember 29, 2018

It's about Sofia, who was 15 years old. Daughter of Felipe Arias feels networked for her beauty.

Exactly, the presenter of RCN News, in his Instagram account, he published several photos of this celebration.

But beyond that, what caught the attention of many followers was the beauty of the teenager.

Next to the pictures, the presenter published the following message:

Daughter of Felipe Arias

"God's blessings, thank you Lord for letting us celebrate the life of her daughter Sofi in her 15 years."

He added, "Because everything in life has its time, God bless you my princess and virgin Mary always takes you off her hand".

Today, Felipe Arias is recognized for his section brave, seeking to tell life stories of people who have overcome the most difficult obstacles.

"This part is very much based on human tragedies and how they are overcome and is presented, for example, to the Chapecoense accident and I met the stewardess, became my friend and went to Bolivia to make the note with her," he said. a while ago in interview for Cause + Faith.

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