Farándula: Carlos Vargas age gives off what to talk about in social networks

adminDecember 27, 2018

Why the years of the presenter off Network Have they been due to laughter? The age of Carlos Vargas has something to talk about in social networks.

Everything happened in the midst of an interview with Juanpis González, a character created by comedian Alejandro Riaño.

Juanpis commented on his age and said he was 47 years old.

It was at that moment that the presenter of Caracol was unable to do so.

"It's a problem, they say to me," Change the age. Oh, but how delicious! I could have 47 and say less, "he laughed.

He added, "I am 39 years old, but Wikipedia, the rich, put my finger so badly, they should find out. It was created by a rich man, right?"

The conversation of the age of the presenter will be able to see it in the following video from the minute 4: 00:

Carlos Varga's age has something to talk about in social networks

Carlos Vargas is part of the combination of Network of Caracol for several years.

He is one of the most irreversible presenters, who are not afraid to tell the truths in the face, even though he always does it with a lot of humor.

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