Farándula: Andreina Fiallo is sent to Fredy Guarín and Sara Uribe

adminDecember 28, 2018

This was why it exploded in networks! Andreina Fiallo is sent to Fredy Guarín and Sara Uribe.

Everything happened because of Andreina's publications in her Instagram stories.

These begin to show her and her children's holidays.

And even though everything begins in a rosy color, it ends with a hard message to the father of his children and his new partner.

He assures that he will not be able to go out with his children on vacation without having his father's authorization.

And she confirms that it offends her because she has been the one who has pushed them forward.

"My kids live a life and have made a healthy decision to get away from a topic that really makes them tired (…) for my kids, and I no longer keep it," Andreina wrote.

And he adds, "The conditions are over, and everyone has the right to do their life and repeat it with whoever they want. Yes, I do not touch my children because I stop being a mother to become an animal.

Apparently, in spite of Sara's case, to make sure that Guarín prefers to be with her (referring to the concept of friendship), she also throws herself at the bottom of her life in important moments.

Here are screenshots of Andreina's stories:

Andreina Fiallo sends

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