Farándula: Andreina Fiallo indirectly sent to Fredy Guarín?

adminDecember 27, 2018

They ask the successors to ex-partner. Andreina Fiallo sent indirectly to Fredy Guarin?

The comments began after Andreina uploaded some Instagram stories with her kids.

And one of them showed attention, because in her he assured himself of the following: "We have traveled alone alone for almost 14 years".

The picture was shared by several people, who have not hesitated to say that it is an indirect for Guarín.

Andreina Fiallo sent indirectly to Fredy Guarin?

Screenshot Instagram Andreina Fiallo Screenshot Instagram Andreina Fiallo

It is worth mentioning that in a few weeks the player will have his first child with the model Sara Uribe.

The news of this pregnancy was announced a few weeks ago.

"I'm not hiding my pregnancy, Jacobo has been the best in my year. Being a mother is a dream I've had since I was a kid, just that @ fguarin13, and I wanted to live that moment in a more intimate and reserved way , "Sara said through your social networks a few days ago.

He also apologized to Andreina for entering her marriage.

He did it in an interview for TVyNovela's magazine.

"I'm sorry God for failing because I entered into a relationship when it wasn't the right time, I apologize to the people I've hurt."

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