FARAID: Andreina Fiallo sees her new love

adminJanuary 9, 2019

The whole story with Fredy Guarin would have been left for the beautiful mother of two. Finally! Andreina Fiallo sees her new love.

As a mystery, the cucutña model has kept her boyfriend. While everyone knows she's in love again, she's been secretly about her new romance.

He had already been traveling, dedicated tender message of love and even wearing a ring. But little was known about the man who steals the dream.

In a recent Instagram story, Andreina was very smiling with her older son and another man. With him he sits in a sunbath, and he shows it briefly while he also looks at the camera and smiles.

Everything seems to indicate that the couple are in Cartagena with the two sons of Andreína and Guarín. These days, the football player will catch Sara Uribe for the third time.

Finally! Andreína Fiallo sees her new love


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