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Friday 30th. November 2018

Books – Moataz Hassan

Photography – Mahmoud Abdel Nasser

Sara Abdurrahman has always been controversial about her film festivals and begins with a dress made from recycled plastic bags at the last El Gouna festival of a dress used for 370 pounds from Al-Balah Agency at the end of the Cairo Film Festival on Thursday.

On her personal account at Instagram, Sara revealed that the dress she had bought at the end of the festival had been bought by Al-Balah agency and confirmed that it was priced at only EGP 370. "She likes to reduce spending and reuse some things, Not collaborate with some fashion designer and bought a used dress. "

"The most interesting needs of my job are the ability to handle fashion designers and stylists to express myself through confusion, but at the conclusion ceremony at the Cairo Festival, I chose to wear a dress I bought from Al-Balah," wrote the artist on her profile page .

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Sara explained to her followers that she was willing to take this step by saying, "Reduce the consumption of personal needs that I can do when I keep the environment, I mean the distributor who does not use it and Makbitch is not what I need, if I buy .. Buy one used, and made by workers in inhumane conditions. "

"I trusted a simple short-sleeved dress and it seems very cheap," said Mohammed Kamal, a fashion and fashion expert. "The overall view is not suitable for a festival. She has a lighter dress with more details.

It was not the first time it was controversial. She had the red dress in a white dress with several colors and a pair of colored pants. Bold color

On her Facebook page, Sarah made pictures of her and presented her experience of wearing this dress to spread the idea among people.

In her dresses, the young artist tries to convey to the audience that it is not wrong for people to wear used clothes. "I've first proven that it's easy to see a decent, appropriate, but environmentally sustainable, I could not do the whole time, but I just wanted to take a few steps."

The final ceremony of the Cairo Film Festival was held on Thursday night at the Egyptian Opera House, in the presence of a large number of Arab stars and world stars.

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