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Red and black spiderman costume
Marvel Studios / Ryan Meinerding

Peter Parker will be dressed in a variety of different outfits from Far From Home, including the Stark outfit seen in Homecoming and a black suit apparently inspired by the Noir comics suit, but the most recent of which is by far the most attractive one of the many

Revealed through photos and videos taken at the end of last week, this new Spider-Man costume is probably the one Peter uses towards the end of the movie. Also, unsurprisingly, it draws inspiration from several different sources, with the darker palette of colors echoing Steve Ditko's iconic original Spider-Man design seen for the first time in 1962, and the white spider adorned in the from behind, which was used for the first time in Insomniac & # 39; s The recent video game Spider-Man.

Others have noticed a clear similarity between him and the Superior Spider-man suit worn by a Parker controlled by Otto Octavius ​​in the comics, but anyway, it's safe to say that he looks fantastic. The set of photos revealed by JustJared also confirms that the only major alterations to Stark's outfit are the colors and the back spider, with the front of the outfit retaining the smaller spider on the front and the expressive white eyes of the Civil War.

Also returning in these images is the Zendaya MJ, which joins Holland & # 39; s Parker in what appears to be the exterior of the Grand Central station. Of course, we have known for a while that Spidey will be heading to Europe for a period in the history of Far From Home, accompanied by Nick Fury of Samuel L. Jackson and Mysterio by Jake Gyllenhaal, but it was always a fact that he would return to his relatives footsteps of New York.

What do you think of Tom Holland's new Spider-Man suit? Let us know in the comments below!

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