Fantefan Banică Jr. was just SPECTATOR … (PHOTO)

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Andreea Marin did not seem to be affected by Stefan Banica Jr. and Lavinia Pârva wants a baby. The star has enjoyed and even kept the fans informed about the preparation of the house.

Just shortly before fantefan Banică Jr. announced on stage to the palace hall that she was going to be the father for the third time, Andreea Marin sent out online a picture of her pregnancy. The father is of course also Stefan Bănică Jr.

It is more certain that the "Surrender Fair" held much earlier than the other information that Lavinia Pârva is pregnant, therefore the proposal, more than suggestive, notes Society is too big, and Andreea Marin has used the fans with posts and messages to be read in a specific key.

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