Fans of Jojo Siwa enfurencen with Justin Bieber and he is sorry!

adminDecember 31, 2018

Justin Bieber commented on one of the images from YouTuber.

A few days ago, the Internet exploded as fans of Jojo Siwa they met Justin Bieber to leave a "rude comment" on the profile of YouTuber.

It all started when the 15-year-old dancer and singer uploaded to Instagram her picture of a personal car that she received as a Christmas present, how striking colors and her own image stand out in the chest. Although his followers loved him, Jojo Siwa did not expect his post to attract attention Justin Bieber in a negative way, because the artist wrote a somewhat derogatory comment in the picture:

"Burn it." wrote Biebs.

Jojo's fans are immediately angry, like her mother, who did not hesitate to defend her immediately:

"Burn your own stuff"

But far from being angry, the Youtuber took the situation the best way and responded Justin Bieber in the most comical way, because a new image appeared where she enters the car, with a real-sized cardboard figure of the singer!

Justin Bieber He immediately realized that his comment It was taken in a negative way and I do not hesitate to apologize through Twitter:

"Jojo Siwa I have nothing against you, it's the car and the colors I didn't like. I really hope you don't think it was malicious or malicious."

It seems like the misunderstanding has already been resolved and there is no hard feelings between Jojo and Justin! Do you think the singer's comment was rude?

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