Fans disappointed: Was the GZSZ anniversary too boring?

adminDecember 30, 2018

How did the spectators find the GZSZ anniversary series? On Friday, the daily format saved over 6,666 times on the screen. Preview of this episode promised pure excitement. On New Year's Eve, Sunny (Valentina Pahde, 24) uses drugs to forget her worries for a moment. When she goes into it, drunk, she falls into Spree. After the announcement of the anniversary, the fans of the cult series were anything but enthusiastic: On the web, many spectators were waiting for their disappointment!

At the official FacebookSide of GZSZ Users discussed exciting episode 6.666: "What a boring episode. There was so much fanfare before. I'm a little disappointed "and" I'm constantly wondering when the big episode would come "were just two negative comments, others didn't judge so hard: "This episode may not have been the most exciting, but I still loved it" and "Cool episode, if not quite as spectacular as others, but it doesn't always have to be," said two other supporters on the social media platform.

+++ attention, spoilers! +++
Now is the only question in the room: Will Sunny survive the accident? Viewers just want to hear about this in the new year, but especially curious TV gazers can already see through preview how architectural student continues: The blonde does not die from serial death, but is rescued by Nihat (Timur √úlker, 29).

GZSZ scene with Sunny (Valentina Pahde)MG RTL DPhotos Gallery Button
GZSZ scene with Sunny (Valentina Pahde)
Valentina Pahde in the GZSZ anniversary series 6666MG RTL D

Valentina Pahde in the GZSZ anniversary series 6666
Valentina Pahde in his role Sunny RichterMG RTL / Rolf Baumgartner

Valentina Pahde in his role Sunny Richter

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