Fan Covers Bring Me Horizon & # 39; Medicine & # 39; in its old metal style

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Back to their roots

Bring My Horizon fans share a cover of their latest single & # 39; Medicine & # 39; but in the more heavy metal styling of the band's past.

Sheffield's rock veterans dropped the last single from the upcoming album & # 39; Amo & # 39; last week, complete with a trippy and surreal video.

In the spirit of the diversity of the new album, "Medicine" leans towards the band more pop and electronic page, rather than the hard rock edge of previous singles & # 39; Mantra & # 39; and & # 39; Wonderful Life & # 39; or their metalcore roots. Now, Youtuber Nik Nocturnal has restored the track in the style of the band's previous week.

"This video is not supposed to dig on the original song they just released or are trying to replace it," said Nocturnal. "It was honestly just a fun experiment with," Hi, I'm wondering how this new song would sound in its older style. "

Hear the cover and check out the original track below.

Talking to NME Last summer about what to expect from "Amo & # 39;" said Sykes: "It's good things, it's bad things, it's weird things. It's a bit more like a thought of love and how it can Not only you but other people, you enter into a relationship and people choose sides, it is a package mentality, it is simply writing a concept album about love, everything boils down to love in the end.

"Obviously," Amo "is Portuguese for" I love ", of course it is the" ammunition "part and so in European Portuguese it means" master. "It sounds happy, but it is all these hidden meanings that make it more complex."

The band's next major British date will be when they headline and curate a day at London's All Points East 2019. They will be joined by Run The Jewels, Yonaka, IDLES and more. Tickets are available here.

Take my Horizon release & # 39; Amo & # 39; January 25th.

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