Famous server Uğur Arslan, first seen year after year

adminDecember 30, 2018

Turkish singer and presenter Uğur Arslan appeared for the first time for many years after hosting friendship programs.

SOCIAL MEDIA was very critical

Uğur Arslan, who hosted the kil Su Gibi wedge with Songul Karlı and with Marry Gel uygun with Seda Sayan, was subjected to social media reactions because he did not conform to his personality and character. The 46-year-old singer finally came up with a new project. Uğur Arslan, who has been shown in the socially responsible project to convert the covers to animal feed and water containers, was carried out this time.


Famous presenter Uğur Arslan met the students at the school during the day and joined the meaningful project. In addition to Arslan; My Armağan, Tuğba Tutuğ, Fatih Dağıdır, Baran Taylan Yolalan and leader Levent Ünalan provided support. Uğur Arslan and famous actors brought with them the gowns they gathered and gave it to the street animals for food and water tanks. Famous server and actor Arslan, who is faced with the student's great interest, did not deny his photographic requests and invited everyone to participate in this meaningful project.


Uğur Arslan, along with Songül Karlı, made his first exhibition and gathered the reactions. After Songül Karlı, Uğur Arslan presented a new project with Seda Sayan, and in 2016 he hosted a program called Evleneceksen Gel. Arslan, who has more than 500,000 social media account Instagram Instagram, was criticized by his fans. Arslan has not appeared on television since 2016, and recently released an album.

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