Famous server Ceren Bektaş, into the world house!

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The successful and beautiful news of HaberTürk TV Ceren Bektaş married the businessman Gökçe Atuk. The couple organized a simple wedding ceremony between the family.

"Tell Benden"

HaberTürk TV Main News Bulletin server Ceren Bektaş, marriage news from the personal social media account "Very handsome, well-known love, my beloved husband Gokce beyi presentation. Before and after the story will be published in fascicles, I tell myself to say … "Not announced.


When he talked about HaberTurk microphones, Bektaş expressed his feelings: "I have lived for years, but I never remember being so excited, of course, we are very happy." Gökçe Atuk said, "Our is a great love story. Hope you will continue to eternity by establishing a wonderful family. The happiest day with a wonderful love story, perhaps today …" he said.

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