Fake spider web and artificial waterfall

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Soon the jungle begins for the 14th time. Over the years, a great mystery has evolved around the performance. How real is the jungle and what happens behind the scenes. The transmitter now provides itself with information.

Photo series with 12 pictures

Since the beginning of the reality show, there have been rumors about the location of "I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here!". Joey Heindle was very surprised in 2013 when he realized that the camp is actually in Australia. In addition, there was always speculation about, for example, chlorine in the sea or potholing, which is none. Now it's clarity.

The "picture" newspaper now announced a great revelation on the jungle camp to start, RTL responded with a counter-attack. The station pre-published all the questions the newspaper asked – answers included.

For example, RTL now admitted that not everything is so real at the celebrity camp. "The waterfall is artificial, to give celebrities the opportunity to shower," it said in the press release. At night, this water is turned off. The creek, however, is natural, and even in the sea, where the stars often take a bath, it is not chlorine. Toilets should have a very unpleasant earthy character without a meter long shaft, which speculated.

Wrong spider web in disgust test

With the nature of the jungle from time to time, something helped with a good reason. "We are trying to adapt the required technology for these productions as well as possible for the environment," the message explains. "Cameras and other necessary production technology are partially packed in fiberglass on the camp for visual and security reasons." In addition, it happens that real spider webs are supplemented with fake weaves, which consist of artificial material.

Even the foods that have already made some celebrities in the tests to suffocate are not all fasteners. Drinks are often diluted with water to make them drinkable, revealing the transmitter. The meat is also cooked for a long time. As a result, it often does not have much taste, but it serves to consume it at all.

Psychological care of celebrities

In addition, the leaders showed that celebrities are under psychological care before and during the show. "With such a demanding TV production, the candidate's well-being comes first," they say. "Therefore, medical and psychological examinations are prerequisites for participation, so if necessary, during the season we can ensure that the stars somehow fit the jungle, and we don't comment further on the interest of the participants."

Furthermore, RTL admits that candidates playing with the idea of ​​leaving the show are being informed in a crisis conversation and trying to find a solution to stay in the camp. However, none of the participants will be convinced.

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