Faith Evans explains her choice of song for the funeral ceremony of Kim Porter

adminNovember 26, 2018

Faith Evans

Here is why I sang this hymn …

At the funeral of Kim Porter

11/25/2018 3:36 PM PST


Faith Evans He sang a beautiful version of an old hymn during Kim PorterThe funeral, but unfortunately, is one that says he has sung before to honor another member of Diddythe family

We got Faith Sunday at LAX to come back from Kim's funeral service in Georgia and we asked her how she was doing. You can see that she is sore even behind the sunglasses when she tells us that she is well after a sincere homage and an emotional ceremony.

Our photo album asks why he chose "His eye is on the sparrow" as his favorite song to honor Kim, and Faith says he left with something he had previously performed at the funeral of Diddy's grandmother in the nineties . He also says it's a song he would sing to record the club's executives on the day … at Puff's request.

The most important thing is that Faith gives us an idea of ​​how Kim made his mark in the world and why so many people were moved. his step. It seems that Faith thinks that Kim's purpose was fulfilled by the way he remembers her here.


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