Fair of Fair and Festival of Mascots, between the events of the fifth day of the fair

adminDecember 29, 2018

December 28, 2018 – 11:21 pm


Writing of El País

This Saturday, the Cali fair is coming in 2018 to its fifth day with a great program, which is part of the fair's street and the pet festival.

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Pet Festival

time: At 10:00
place: Parque de La Flora
description: For the first time in the history of the Cali Fair, the most beloved hairy members of the family will have an event where they are the protagonists.

Starting at. At 10:00 am at 4:00 am in the Parque de la Flora, families will celebrate with their pets a fun day with contests, vaccination, deworming, sterilization, games and fun. Free entrance

Fair of Fair

time: 7:00 pm
place: Autopista Suroriental.
description: The Fair of the Fair is a magical parade of artists and musical rhythms under the Caleño sky that is ideal for being accompanied by friends to apply the dance sciences. The event is free.

Rural and municipal fair

time: 1:00 pm
place: Municipalities 8, 9, 12 and Corregimientos Navarro, La Paz, Hormiguero and Castilla.
description: On the penultimate day of the fair, the joy moves to the municipalities 8, 9, 12 and Corregimientos Navarro, La Paz, Hormiguero and Castilla. Free entrance

Meeting with melons and collectors

time: 3:00 pm
Location: CWide Basketball Sports Unit Jaime Aparicio.
description: This second-last night of the Fair theme that will focus attention will be "Antología de la música afroantillana". The event is free.

Programming of events organized by private parties outside Corfecali officials

event: Jorge Isaacs Theater Dresses in Feria 2018
time: 7:00 pm
place: Jorge Isaacs Theater
description: Oscar D & # 39; León Concert

event: delirium
time: 7:00 pm
place: Pacific Valley Events Center
description: Presentation of & # 39; Chachachá del diluvio & # 39 ;. For the first time, a literary work by Valle del Cauca Medardo Arias Satizábal is taken to the music tables adapted to the dance, circus and orchestra.

event: Get lost
time: 7:00 pm
place: Hotel Dann Carlton
description: Salsa is full of flavor, art and feast.

event: The Carp
time: 8:00 pm
place: Carp 50
description: The artists presented this day are: Willie Rosario, Tony Vega and La Sonora Ponceña.

event: Living Flow Concert
time: 8:00 pm
place: Baseball Diamond
description: In this concert are presented Don Omar, Dejo, De la Guetto, Arcangel, Tego Calderón, Jowell and Randy and Alexis and Fido. Tickets are purchased in Colboletos.

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