Explanation of Roseanne Barr's heart attack joke

adminNovember 25, 2018

Roseanne Barr


Actress Roseanne Barr attends the PaleyFest 2014 of the Paley Center For Media.

Late on Saturday night, it was reported that Roseanne Barr suffered a heart attack and was headed to the hospital.

The report came after Lee Stranahan received a call during his Periscope segment on a call from someone claiming to be Barr's assistant, saying "she had had a heart attack." The call occurred while his segment was broadcast live through the Periscope application.

The Gateway Pundit rushed to break the news of the report, citing the live conversation between Stranahan and a man who introduced himself as his new assistant, Frank. In the brief conversation, the man tells Stranahan that she had a heart attack and is "trying to figure out exactly what to do about it." Stranahan believed that the call came from Barr's phone number. The conversation begins at 7:08 pm in the video below, when Stranahan looks at the caller ID on her phone and says "Wait a second, it's Roseanne!":

YouTube personality, Trazy Beanz, reacted quickly to Stranahan's tweet, answering first that she had talked with Roseanne and that she "has not had a heart attack". He then approached Stranahan directly via Twitter, suggesting that "it looks like someone made you an unpleasant joke." He went on to say that the area the "enumerated" code does not match Roseanne's phone number; he corrected, saying he did not say the area code, before stating that "it was absolutely from his phone, and it was someone who had heard his voice mail."

Stranahan started up once again to explain the situation and how it intensified. He also defended that the story was, in fact, a news "because it was published publicly" while broadcasting its segment.

Shortly after, Barr approached Twitter to refute the report, with a picture of her at home in a pirate costume and the message "I'm fine." The fans responded with relief quickly. Responding with good wishes including "Wow, you were so worried, I'm glad you're okay!" Y "We do not want to lose you! We love you !!"

At that time, it is unclear who made the call to Stranahan and why. A Twitter user, @TheRealHublife, suggested that "Someone may have stolen your phone or pirated it."

Roseanne followed on Twitter with a second message for followers, and wrote: "I was the victim of a joke. "I have not had any medical problems."

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