Explanation from Deniz Çakır where a survey was initiated

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Player Deniz Çakır was targeted by Akit after allegations of abusive head-hair women in a mall and an investigation was started against Çakır. Cakir's investigation decision came after the decision.

Akit TV, known for its proximity to AKP and its reactionary news, actor Deniz Cakır, said: Yakın To the 6 headwear women who chatted at the side table in a cafe where they had gone. Is this place Arabia? What you're traveling here! He said, with an old photograph of Çakır.

The Cakir scandal after the investigation of the investigation started, Çakır said in his statement:

Adır On December 30, 2018, the fact that I went to celebrate my birthday with my two female friends in the afternoon does not reflect the truth of what happened in the arena. Before we went with my friends, the people sitting on the side table made us uncomfortable with their actions. Even his gaze and body language approached him from time to time. They consciously made us uneasy. Then they changed the location of the celebration of our congratulations to another passing table. Olmad Cakir said, using the following statements.

When we celebrated with my friends, we took pictures of each other naturally, and this time they humiliated us orally, suggesting that we took their own photographs, and there was a brief discussion between us. The subject did not go out. We sat in the same environment for about 20 minutes. Cameras are available at the venue, images can be viewed. I have no worries about this.

The discussion has nothing to do with personal preferences and freedoms such as clothing, clothing, turban, head children. On the contrary, they have shown that they are uncomfortable with my preferences from the moment they see me in the room.

In each period of my life I was with the oppressed, right, the women. I became a defender of personal freedoms. While it is so, it's an unfortunate crime that will be thrown at me and that's shameful. Hal

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