Exnovia de Anuel AA attacks him in social networks after publishing photos with Karol G

adminDecember 28, 2018

LOS ANGELES, USA. it ex-boyfriend of singer Anuel AA He attacked him on social networks after the artist of the urban genre wrote a message on how his life has changed in a year.

The interpreter of "Want to Drink" also published a photograph with his sweetheart Carol G where they look very happy.

"But no one is standing next to you, the most important thing in life is the family, appreciate your families and your loved ones who are the only ones who will love you against every opportunity, whatever happens to you", the singer of Trap expressed on her Instagram account .

He added, "Worth the people God places in your life, that loyalty also makes them family."

The young woman who replied to the social network and attacked the famous, has not yet been identified, but has commented on several images of ragpicker.

In her comment, the woman claims that she was the only one who was with him in their difficult times and that he still looks after her despite his relationship with Colombian Regatta Donor.

"You forgot to say what many people are asking … That I was the only one with you all the time, that you were unlocked, that the same things that you say to Karol G, you told me you still have the accident to continue looking for me while publishing to be happy with another.

What you say is real and the reality is that you are a very fake and ungrateful person, because since you entered prison, the only one there was to listen, me and for a moment to another you threw everything in the trash for a pal tits are operated. And I don't care what you do, but it bothers me how you behaved with the one who was always there for you, while everyone forgot you, I got tired of keeping myself quiet and watching you make fun of people. "

So far, Anuel has not commented on the messages. The ragman was imprisoned for more than a year, after they accused him of theft and illegal possession of weapons.

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