Ex-jungle camper Daniele Negroni is in love with her

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Daniele Negroni is currently swinging on Cloud Seven. The singer is in love with ex-GNTM candidate Victoria Pavalas. And she appreciates him for very special qualities.

"The picture" tells Daniele Negroni about her new love: "Vicky is just sweet, she's just real and not lifted off." By Vicky is meant Victoria Pavlas. The 19-year-old comes from Austria and participated in "Germany's next top model" in 2017. She also speaks to the newspaper and enthusiasts: "Daniele is a real gentleman and makes me laugh!"

Until 2017, the former American idol candidate at Youtuber Tina Neumann, but after a serious conflict, the relationship was broken up. He says today about his ex-boyfriend: "There is no contact, and that's good, everyone is doing the way, and I want them all the best for the future."

Spicy is also the new love between Daniele Negroni and Victoria Pavlas. The music already flirted with Victoria once best friend. Zoe Saip participated in GNTM as her. Again and again there was a conflict between them. When asked, the model simply says, "It's all said about the subject."

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