Ex-GZSZ star Janina Uhse shows up without a shell – fans are racing

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Ex-GZSZ star Janina Uhse shows on Instagram quite effortlessly. Just "dressed" with a few leaves.

January 6, 2019 Update: She was one of the fan favorites of the cult soap "Good times, bad times": Janina Uhse aka Jasmin Fleming. In 2017, Uhse left the soap, and since then it has collected fans as influent. Currently, the actress is on holiday in Singapore and sends greetings to her fans: the former GZSZ star posted a picture, showing herself quite effortlessly – just "dressed" with a few magazines. Fans celebrate their favorite soap. "Great picture!" Writes one. "Beauty Another." "So hot" the next.

News from November 20, 2018: GZSZ star Iris Mareike Steen shows what she has – fans are excited

Berlin – Iris Mareike Steen (27) plays in RTL-Daily-Soap Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten (GZSZ) in hearts to the audience. At Instagram, she is currently exciting with a sexy image that shows little substance and a lot of skin.

GZSZ: The most successful German soap opera

RTL Daily Soap GZSZ is probably Germany's most successful soap opera. The series has been airing since 1992 and has won several awards, including Bambi. The spectators, sitting in front of the television in the evening program Monday to Friday, feberishly with the characters (GZSZ: emergency operation, Maren dies the serial death?) From a fictional place in Berlin-Mitte.

GZSZ has been on TV for over 26 years.

© MG RTL D / Bernd Jaworek

On the agenda are intrigues, family problems and enmity, but also love stories and real friendships. And for over 26 years in more than 6,600 episodes. No wonder that long-term times now and then dear characters say goodbye, but new roles have also been built.

GZSZ actress Iris Mareike Steen

Born in Hamburg and interested in early shopping, GZSZ star Iris Mareike Steen attended drama and drama schools and received voice education. Since 2002 she has appeared in various TV shows and in the Hamburg theaters. Then she played in the "Big City" (ARD) or "Tabaluga and gave happiness" (Kellertheater Hamburg). Musically, Iris Mareike Steen also has a lot to offer: In addition to piano and guitar, she also plays the drums. In 2005, she launched the CD "Zick Zack Practical Joke" under the name "Glüxxkind". A leading role in the series "When Come Kalle" (ZDF) followed. Hamburg's natives originally wanted to study medicine.

GZSZ star Iris Mareike Steen at Let & # 39; s Dance.

© Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa

She pursues medical studies in the role of Lilly Seefeld at GZSZ. In 2010, Iris Mareike Steen got a role in the daily soap and plays it until today. That's why she moved to Berlin. While love, friendship and treason determined everyday life in GZSZ, 2015 was a year of warm weather in the German playboy, when the actor retired to the September issue.

Two years later she married her friend Kevin. After finally joining the 11th season of the dance show, we got dancing in 2018 and danced to the tenth show, she lost a couple of pounds.

GZSZ star Iris Mareike Steen is revealing

Already in Playboy, but most recently after Let's Dance, Iris Mareike Steen feels comfortable in her house. The latest Instagram post is not the first to show it easily. Their fans are either enthusiastic about the new picture. With "Hot Outfit !!", "Rrrrrrrrr" or "Wow … just a great woman and amazing actress." They comment on the sexy image where she turns carefree with an elegant black piece.

With the caption "Remember that your inner child needs to come out and play sometimes." In fact, Iris Mareike Steen is concerned with the inner child of man who is also to be lived out. A nice message, which is also addressed in the comments, but most fans see less the ridiculous child in her, but the sexy blonde: "Very hot! I hope you show up once again, naked, just like in Playboy!" Whether such expressions are not too much, it can only be speculated. At least, it looks like the GZSZ star is currently not bothering, otherwise she wouldn't upload such sexy photos. Just recently, admired the RTL fans: DSDS Alicia Awa: hot bikini pictures the beautiful candidate appeared.

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