Everything just a reputation? What happens between Florian Silbereisen and Franziska Wiese?

adminDecember 27, 2018

A few days ago, the separation of the par par excellence model, Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen, was announced, Florian was often portrayed in the media as "Horned" and Helene as the one who obviously found a new happiness. The official coverage is consistently assuming that Florian is obviously currently simple, again there were unfounded rumors about his sexual orientation.

A rather small but very active and thoroughly informed Facebook page is "Florian Silbereisen Story"- this regularly adds some pretty rare pictures of Florian and his CLUBB3 friends. And on this page (but really only on this Facebook page!) It is an exciting rumor, where the truth that undoubtedly seems questionable.

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Thomas Anders

Thomas Anders & Florian Silbereisen – She said she loves me (Official video)

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We think it's rumored!

Only – a few weeks ago it was also said (even by insiders) that a separation of Helene and Florian for the time being was out of the question – one could, for example, Helene's emotional announcement to "Give me your hand" as an occasion for separation rumors, were even discussed in some forums.

© facebook.com/Florian-Silbereisen-story

© facebook.com/Florian-Silbereisen-story

So, we ask ourselves, what can be written in "Florian Silbereisen Story"? It says: "Franziska – Florian's new love" – ​​with a picture of Florian and Franziska Wiese.

Although Florian and Franziska have similarities, not only because of the first letter of the first name, skepticism is appropriate. Well, Franziska is (as Helene) very attractive and had his first TV appearance on "Flo". But what can be overlooked: At least our knowledge of Franziska oath is romantic. And there we are again on the subject: "She said, she loves me – but three are one too many!".

© facebook.com/Florian-Silbereisen-story

© facebook.com/Florian-Silbereisen-story

(In the eyes of the Facebook pages), a new couple have also set common Christmas greetings – at least in the Florian Silbereisen story, shown:

According to "Florian Silbereisen Story" Florian will announce her new contact in January 2019 – we are curious if there is anything in this unusual rumor and keep you updated.

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