EVENT OF YEAR in showbiz! GINA PISTOL GREAT! The choice is …

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Bomb in showbiz! Marries Gina Pistol? Rumors have already begun to circulate …

On Tuesday, the edition of the Chefi show at Knits, at Antena 1, the participants had a fire test. It was that they had to make a big cake, festivities.

When it comes to the news, what to do, Scarlatec's boss throws the bomb, asks Gina Pistol, and is getting married.

BOMB in showbiz! Is Gina Pistol Married? I found out the well hidden HOME of the star

Below is the discussion between Gina Pistol and the bosses.

"Gina Pistol: The theme today is called torture. There must be great tortures, festivities, events.

Bontea: So we make a big cake as a wedding?

Gina Pistol: Yes …

Scarlattescu: Gina, I think her boyfriend had asked her, and now she's tried me, made me the most cake … and how do I let them win? How can I leave them, I don't do with Gina cake? "

For a while it is still rumored that Gina Pistol would be Smiley's boyfriend, but the two didn't confirm it.

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