Evelyn Burdecki on Domenico's relationship lies: "Super planned!"

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Evelyn Burdecki, 30, didn't expect it! As if it wasn't hard enough for her to move to the jungle camp with ex-girlfriend Domenico de Cicco, 35, the Italian surprises everyone with a fierce love of love.

Domenico de Cicco loves his ex

In August, "Bachelor in Paradise" competitor Evelyn from Domeico's Coupleshow colleague attended he becomes a father, To suppose he should even being double-tracked, In October, the 35 year old became a daughter of a daughter Рso far, the fans of reality TV Schönlings, he is single.

When it became public that Evelyn AND Domenico moved to the Australian bush, Their fans even wondered about a possible love comeback ex-TV compartment. Error!

You see each other twice in life. Then I meet Domenico in the jungle. I will handle it, as with all other ex-friends – quite normal. I accept and respect him and let's see how it will

then Evelyn shortly before departure RTL, So I think there will be no love comeback, too much pain for me to be one. "

And also the alleged single man Domenico saw the participation relaxed: "I will treat her (Evelyn, the editor's note) with respect and hope she will treat me with respect as well."

Source: MG RTL D

But at the airport just before you go to Australia surprised the 35 year old then suddenly with a female companionWho kept his children in their arms. In fact, his ex Julia, the mother of his child, said goodbye to him. What? on Instagram he then confirmed:

I just realized I came to her (Julia, the editor's note) and that I love her so much.

So Domenico is out of the internal market and so on try again with their exiles, A shock to Evelyn?

Evelyn: Brilliant response to Domenico's love epiphany

The chatterbox at the end of the world had not heard of the latest events. than RTL She confronts her at her hotel in Australia with the news of her ex and soon table-neighbor, bursting the collar:

It's already blatant for me, Wow! I did not know that. Super planned, I want to say his plan has definitely trained,

so Evelyn. You block the facial features … In their view, the whole action a card's game – Is the situation between them now escalating in the jungle?

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