Evelyn Burdecki & Domenico de Cicco: The true reason for separation

adminJanuary 8, 2019

It can be cheerful! Former candidate Evelyn Burdecki, 30, and former bachelor candidate Domenico de Cicco, 35, moved to the jungle camp on January 11, but the two have a common past …

Love sensation on "Bachelor in Paradise"

In the "Bachelor in Paradise" coup show, Evelyn and Domenico got to know each other last year. The two were from day one to a heart and a soul. Finally, they went out as a couple from the show, there was even talk of marriage and children. Even after the shooting, they were two TV faces Lies for weeks.

But then the shock: The audience's favorites, especially as a couple, the audience's hearts by storm, drew a line – rather Evelyn.

The dream couple "Bachelor in Paradise" no longer exists. I felt something was wrong,

betrayed the chatterbox in tears in August RTLInterview. She even talked about who was to blame for the breakup:

I know how to fuck someone. I've already experienced it. But I was so in love and still love him.

Source: MG RTL D

Evelyn & Domenico: The incredible reason for separation

Domenico de Cicco had allegedly impregnated another woman:

Domenico gets a child,

reality actor told the crew. When she learned about it, she separated herself from macho Italian, though he still fought for Evelyn and the pregnancy refused his supposed ex had. But in the end he made it clear:

At one point he only admitted it and said: "Yes, Evelyn, that's true, but I didn't know about it."

And in fact, Domenico was the father of a daughter in October, now sharing many pictures in the network.

Jungle Camp 2019: Is the situation escalating?

Now the ex-pair must after months of radio mode Turn your teeth – because the two participate in the "jungle ring" and have to be there for several days share bunks side by side.

You see each other twice in life. Then I meet Domenico in the jungle. I will handle it, as with all other ex-friends – quite normal. I accept and respect him and let's see how it will

told Evelyn before moving into the Australian bush opposite RTL, A love comeback with Domenico exclude blonde, but: "I'm over it, so I think there's no love combination, too much pain for it to be one."

And how did the 35-year-old react to the jungle message?

I will treat her (Evelyn, the editor's note) with respect, and I hope she will also treat me with respect.

What do you mean: escalate the dispute between Evelyn and Domenico? Vote for our poll!

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