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adminJanuary 9, 2019

Luc Conrad's last major case has begun – the seventh and final season of the SRF hit series started on Tuesday. 682,000 viewers turned on their TV for the first episode "Asche auf dein Haupt", which SRF announces on request from AZ.

"Our expectations have more than fulfilled, we are proud and satisfied," emphasizes Urs Fitze, head of fiction. A special joy is the large proportion of younger viewers (36.4 percent market share among 15 to 59 year olds, 334 000 spectators). "These top results show that public interest in the last season is unbroken."

To see – the first episode of the seventh season (online to 15.1.):

Undertaker is undoubtedly still one of the most popular SRF programs, but what are the grades compared to the last 6 years? (see graphically below)

In fact, it seems that some saturation looks slow. Never before has the series started with so few viewers in a new season.

In each of the previous years, the first episode was by far the most monitored – in 2015 the record for 913,000 viewers. (The third season was ultimately the most successful so far with an average audience of nearly 750,000.)

In addition, the first episode of the 7th season scored a below average market share of 38.7 percent for the crime series, only the entire fourth season has a lower value (see box).

Don't stop at the top, but before the flop

So if you trust the statistics, you can predict: The last season will also be the one with the lowest ratings. The quota for self-production is still good. And then the timing of the series looks to be well-chosen – not in the top, but far from a flop. Or can Luc, Anna-Maria, Fabio and Semmelweis finally reach the top again?

SRF's first "Bestatter" relay was in January 2013 – the start of a long-lasting success story. Because even after 2018, after 5 years and 34 episodes, the Swiss-German thriller series was still – despite – or just because of – the announced end still a quota guarantee.

Although the sixth season averaged marginally fewer viewers (708,500) than the average of the last six years (719,000), Mike Müller aka Aarauer's undertaker Luc Conrad persuaded the audience so consistently that in 2015 the streaming service Netflix series was included in range.

The most popular episode: "Open wound" (Season 3 Episode 1):

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