Eucario Bermúdez, the voice that went out

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The famous communicator died in 83 years. His professional career includes having been Director General of Caracol Radio and President of the WSUA Broadcasting Corporation Miami.

Eucario Bermudez died 83 years old in Miami, Florida. He is one of the most important advertisers in the history of the Colombia radio. / Twitter: @jhpelaez

Born in Timbío (Cauca) Eucario Bermúdez was a sign. Talented, intelligent and with a conscious but accurate voice, he experienced great events all over the world. One of many remembers him: he was the first Colombian to transmit the arrival of the first man to the moon, Neil Armstrong, via satellite in 1969.

In an interview with the newspaper AmericaBermudez told how he began the journey that would continue until the day of his death. "I was about 19 years old and one day they let me read. For the priests, my voice seemed very melodic, and they left me reading every day and instead got the best lunches. Soon after I left the seminar , but I had the error in the speech, he said.

Although he was born in Cauca, his professional career in Manizales (Caldas), at the Electra radio station, began to work, in the same town, at Caldas Transmitter. In his long professional career, it is also the transfers from the Mexico Games in Mexico (1968) and Munich (1972) and Vuelta a Colombia on several occasions.

He chose the Queen of Manizales

When Eucario Bermúdez was still working on Caldas Transmitter, he and other colleagues decided that it was the people of the city who chose the woman to represent them in Reinado. So they began after convincing Ignacio Escobar the campaign where they asked citizens who they would choose and invited them to participate in the decision, as it should have been from the beginning.

He even conveyed the election of Miss Universe that year, along with Carlos Pinzón, who was then director of Caracol in Bogota, an experience that Bermúdez remembered with great love and nostalgia.

The famous Colombian broadcaster and journalist died, at 83, this Sunday in Miami (USA), the city where he lived since the early eighties. Bermúdez worked for more than three decades on radio and television and became Director General of Caracol Radio.

His career in the United States

Eucario Bermúdez decided to leave Colombia when the country went through a bad time. In the full rage of drug trafficking packed their bags and took a plane to North America, but did not expect the image of Colombians in the United States would be more than distorted. Still, he decided to continue doing what he liked most: being an announcer, so he created the program Colombian country, but it didn't work.

It was a long journey, with more low than high, but eventually things began to flow. At that moment, when nothing seemed to be resolved, Caracol's radio station decided to open a station in Miami. Thanks to that, Bermúdez and another Colombian colleague Jaime Flores were responsible for the local news scene. Don Eucario and his comment It was the part where he, with all his wisdom and wisdom, expressed his opinions and suggestions for current affairs in the world.

His work was not recognized only in Colombia, but also in the United States, to such an extent that in 2014 the Miami Legislature dubbed a street (110 avenue of 40 street, southwest of the city) with the name of the Colombian communicator.

He also served as president of the Colombian Association of Broadcasters and Communicators (ACL) and served as president of the WSUA Broadcasting Corporation Miami.

It was to be expected that many of his colleagues spoke on the occasion of his death, as was the case with Jorge Hernán Peláez, who sent a message of support to his friends and relatives in his Twitter account: "Grief in Colombian Journalism: Report from Miami, the sad death of the speaker and presenter Eucario Bermúdez. Peace in his grave and solidarity hug to his entire family and friends, "he said.

His great companion Anette Taddeo couldn't help but sent a message to his good friend and companion: "What a sad thing it has given me to know that Don Eucario Bermúdez has gone! A great journalist, a great leader of our Colombian community. An unforgettable voice that leaves a hole in our hearts. Thanks, Don Eucario, for friendship and your exemplary life. QEPD "

Eucario Bermúdez will be remembered as one of the country's major journalists and one of the unforgettable voices of Colombian radio over time.

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