Eucario Bermúdez, the journalist who made the first Colombian satellite broadcast, died

adminJanuary 8, 2019

He did so with his story of the arrival of the man on the moon in 1969. He is one of the parents of radio and television in the country and died in Miami, where even a street carries his name.

Journalism is in grief. Eucario Bermudez, one of the most renowned Colombian journalists among the Spanish community in South Florida and one of the parents of radio and television in Colombia, died last Sunday, January 6 in Miami, USA.

He was born in Timbío municipality, Cauca, on November 27, 1934, he was 84 years old and had a life full of accomplishments. Eucario Bermúdez performed first satellite transfer in Colombia with his story of man's arrival in the moon in 1969.

He also covered the terrorist attack in Munich during the 1972 Olympic Games and was a narrator of several trips to Colombia, as well as the presenter of Tierra Colombiana, a national folklore television program.

He was the forerunner of the Colombian radio station in Miami, where he lived since 1981, and was a congenital leader. For more than 35 years, he has consolidated himself as a respected and valued spokesman for the Spanish community.

"I want to be it Colombian first to have a street with my name"Eucario Bermúdez said at that time.

It is 110 Avenue with 40th Street, which was named after Eucario Bermúdez Way in 2014, for its more than three decades of contribution to the Spanish community in South Florida.

He was included among the top 100 Latin Americans in Miami and author of two autobiographical books: "Chronicles of a Voluntary Exile" (1997) and "Talent is not retiring" (2011).

"The example of a good Colombian: worker, breaks, professional, dedicated to his family"Said Fabio Andrade, personal friend of Eucario Bermúdez.

His career started at a station in Manizales, and then he moved to Bogotá, where he began his relationship with Caracol Radio, chain from which he became a director

Bermúdez stood out as an advertiser, presenter, animator, TV news anchor and leader, who consolidated him as one of the most remembered voices in Colombia.

Eucario Bermúdez always He fought for a better deal for his fellow citizens, who also left an indelible mark among the Colombian community in South Florida, today the second largest in Miami, after the Cuban.

His death was a trend for several hours on the social network Twitter, where many expressed their condolences.

One of them was Vice President of Colombia, Marta Lucía Ramírez, who wrote that Bermudez was "one of the great master journalists who he always raised his profession".

it former president of Colombia Álvaro Uribe He was another personality who also sent his kondolensmelding.

Also the reputable one journalist Héctor Urrego not only regretted leaving his colleague, but assured that he owes his "Arrival at this fascinating world of radio".

Peace in his grave.

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